Tears and Triumphs

This is our book about Breast Cancer. Follow us on our journey of change and transformation. Our memoir is a very raw and real story of the experience we had with breast cancer and includes images and personal journal entries.

It is about overcoming obstacles and challenges and how we worked through them - both together and individually. It will offer readers hope and understanding.

We hope that by reading our book, you become empowered to make choices for yourself that sit well with you - that you can become empowered to seek knowledge for yourself to make informed decisions about your care and treatment and take control of how you want to experience this journey.

We felt it was also important to include the perspective of my husband, as so often there is little attention given to the partner / carer. So at the end of each chapter, you will read his reflections about the different stages of this experience and what he learnt from each stage.

The book is divided into four chapters:

Diagnosis, Treatment, Reconstruction and also a chapter called Re-Building.

The final chapter is as important as the others. In this chapter we share how our experiences in the other three chapters have affected our lives and still continue to do, to this day.


Inspiration behind the book

My inspiration for this book came about through my desire to help others in the same situation and through my past sharing of parts of this story in hospital waiting rooms. I felt that by telling our story in a very personal, intimate and honest way, other people going through the same situation may feel a sense of hope and to know that they are not alone. There are others out there who understand and there are people out there who want to help.

I would also like people to feel self empowered to take some control of their journey, no matter what journey it is. Whether it be making a choice to surround yourself with positive people or being mindful of the situation you find yourself in. Quite often we have a choice. Which choice will you make?


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The authors..


As avid readers themselves, Caroline & Martin hope this memoir will offer readers Hope and a Light at the end of the tunnel. Through this intimate, informative and often humorous account of her experience with Breast Cancer, Caroline allows readers to get to know her and her family, as they navigate their way through this devastating diagnosis.

This friendly couple are spending their free time travelling to ‘bucket list’ countries and enjoying this time together.

Caroline & Martin Logan live in Perth, Australia with their four adult children and one grandchild.

This is their first book.