“…inspiring and honest…”

This is an inspiring and honest account of Caroline’s 5 year roller coaster ride, which starts from her moment of diagnosis. What makes this book truly unique is her husband Martin’s description of events and emotions, as experienced through his eyes, as well as some thoughts from both Caroline’s mother and daughter.

This easy to read book covers details of Caroline’s treatment (including some photos) in addition to helpful tips and services which can be accessed. Relationship, sexuality and body image issues are described in an authentic and open manner as well as detailing some methods used to manage these difficulties. Caroline describes the many set backs and challenges of her treatment and recovery as well as her new, post cancer life.

The use of humour helps to lighten their story, which is set here in Western Australia.

 Overall, it is the story of resilience, and an exploration of the life lessons, which, say Caroline and Martin, have enriched their lives. It is a highly recommended read, not just for the Breast Cancer patient , but also for family and friends.

Review by Shelley Long, former Counsellor at Breast Cancer Care W.A.

“…a very open account of a very personal journey.”

“Having just completed reading Tears and Triumphs there are a number of feelings/emotions that this book triggered within me. From the start of Caroline and Martin's journey I couldn't help but feel I was there at every doctor’s appointment and every procedure and as such at times it triggered an emotional response within me. While this book is full of very useful information for anyone who has or knows someone with breast cancer it really is a very open account of a very personal journey. What stands out right to the last word of this book is the wonderful loving relationship that exists between a husband and wife who were faced with a very real personal challenge and how important it is to have loving partner and a support network. Lovely book by two lovely people- Please take the opportunity to read it - you will be touched by the honesty and rawness and sometimes funny account of this journey.” M.C

“This was a truly inspirational read.”

“Following through the Tears and Triumphs that you had to go through personally and as a family, provided so much light on something so close to my heart. Reading Martins take on this journey was heart warming also to know what both parties go through during the rough times that you both experienced. I couldn’t put the book down once I opened it. 
I recommend this book to absolutely everyone !!” C.S

“Inspirational,Refreshing & Honest…”

“Caroline gives us an Inspirational, Refreshing and Honest look into her journey through Breast Cancer.
This memoir is a very personal look into how she and her Husband Martin coped through those scary times. You will also read Martins perspective, which I am sure will be an immense help for other partners supporting their loved ones with cancer.
From Caroline's first diagnosis to her last days of treatment, she shares with us information about treatment protocols and the surgery options that are available.
I have been very privileged to be Caroline's proof reader, as this amazing memoir has come together. I have laughed and cried buckets of tears along the way and am so proud of Caroline and Martin for sharing their very personal moments with us.” G.L

“What a truly amazing book to read.”

“Caroline , Martin I have nothing but admiration for you both for sharing such a personal experience. I have felt so many emotions reading this, as the cancer journey ( though not breast cancer) has hugely touched my life, so I could relate to so much of what you both were feeling. You truly are a beautiful family heart and soul , so Thank you for sharing your journey.” D.K

“Warmly written story…”

“This is a warmly written story of the author’s journey through breast cancer, with her supportive husband by her side. It follows her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a very personal and emotional perspective, while being packed full of information about the medical specifics. It even has tips on what to take to appointments, and where to find support! 
Caroline and Martin have created a resource that would be invaluable to anyone travelling a similar path, or a loved one trying to understand the journey. 
Thank you for letting us in to your lives, and telling your amazing story that I know will benefit others, you guys are really special.” S.K

“A raw, honest account…”

“This book is a raw honest account of one’s life. I found the honesty of reading about your family the most moving and bought so many tears to my eyes. The loving act of a mother meeting you in the carpark so early to support you, even brings tears to my eyes writing this and remember as I imagine my mother doing this for me. The heartache and pain of telling your kids and your daughter asking if you were going to make it, had me put the book down for a few days. It bought back so many memories for me with my sister going through breast cancer at 25 and god bless she survived also. I loved your story, the honesty you shared and wish you all the love and luck for the future. Highly Recommend this book to everyone. And yes, I will pass it to others to read.” D.L

“Warm, deeply personal, enriching…”

“The word Cancer strikes fear into the very heart of anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of Cancer. For Caroline Logan, it was Breast Cancer, a debilitating, destructive and often fatal cancer that, regardless of the outcome, affects everyone around the person struggling to cope with an unreal reality.

With this devastating news, so began a journey that was to become a journey of learning, hope, strength and understanding that would take place over the long days of her treatment, mastectomy, drug regime and healing.

Warm, deeply personal, enriching and laced with humour, Caroline and Martin Logan answer so many of the questions no-one likes to ask, based on their personal experiences, share the things they could have done better and offer the wisdom the journey has given to them.”

by Jan Mawdesley